Our mission is to promote new uses of exhausted tyres and spread correct information to show everybody all of their intended purposes.

Did you know that every year Italians take off of their transportation means about 350 thousands tons of exhausted tyres? The recyclable materials can be used to build football pitches, modified tar, gaming areas for children and many other ways in the construction industry. You should think before you leave your old tyres down on the street. First of all, remember it’s a serious violation, but don’t forget they can become football pitches or kilometre-long streets.

Modified asphalts: in Italy there are 300 km of streets and bike lanes made by crumb rubber. These asphalts ensure a conspicuous noise reduction (until 7 Db), a better resistance to cracks, a more efficient water drain and a triple duration, if compared to conventional ones. What improves the most? The drivers’ safety, of course.

Sport pavements. Flexibility and impact absorption are two features which allow the crumb rubber to be used to build football pitches (no irrigation nor treatments are needed), running tracks, equestrian sports pavements and playgrounds with injury protections. The economic advantages are evident.

Acoustic isolators and anti-seismic materials: since 2006, an EU regulation prevents from dumping, starting to consider the exhausted tyres as a resource, not waste anymore. Corgom is a qualified and honest company that got to be one of the main characters in southern Italy recycling.

The 2014 balance sheet showed that our policy led us to great results, as proved by Unirigom (Union of exhausted tyres Italian re-treaders).

In 2015, the 45% of exhausted tyres collected in Italy (146.725 tons) has been recycled and the remaining part has been used for energy production.

Exhausted tires re-treaded step by step

Step n.1: Storage

Step n.2: De-beading

Step n.3: First chipping

Step n.4: Second chipping

Step n.5: Material recovery

Recycled tires


Pavimentazione anti trauma donata da Corgom al Parco Comunale della Città di Corato

Exhausted tyres disposal is one of the main environmental problems. Their materials, indeed, are barely biodegradable.
We decided to overcome this problem by choosing the new tyres recycling policy, according to the 82/2011 ministerial decree.
Thanks to hi-tech machines, the exhausted tyre can be recycled to recover several resources, such as new energy, modified tracks, sport grounds or isolating materials.